friday's letters

dear spring, where are you? every time the snow gets on the melting train, we just get more snow. and it happens to snow everyday that i need to go to the office-happy driving! dear sister, i cannot believe you are getting married in one week! time sure did fly by and i am so excited for your wedding! dear family, i am so pumped to see you next thursday! it has been since august, so a visit is looong over due. new jersey here i come! dear tan in the picture above, i can't wait until your back in my life...who doesn't love a nice sun-kissed glow? dear harlem shake, i have seen your videos all over the place in the last week! i think the best on i have seen took place in a nursing home. so funny! but i have to give a shout out to my alma mater and post their own version:

i have had a super busy week-and next week will be even more busy! the challenge is going to keep up with blogging as best as possible. lets see how i do! i hope everyone enjoy's their friday and their weekend! 




  1. Oh my goodness...I hadn't seen anything Harlem Shake related (I live in a cave...I know. I had HEARD about it though, so does that count?) - that video is hilarious though!
    And I'm definitely with you on the tan....I can't wait for the warm weather to be back.
    <3 Kiersten

  2. I've done camp at your alma mater!
    Cute blog :)

  3. I found your blog through friday's letters - love it!
    I can't agree more with your tan letter - I'm so over winter and ready for some sunshine in my life.

  4. Can't wait for spring!!!

    Congrats to your sister! How exciting!!!


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