love day

happy love day everyone! i love valentines day, and always have even when i was single, because i have a family who has always made this day special. growing up i would always have valentines from my grandparents and parents waiting for me when i got home from school, even into high school! my dad has always gotten me flowers, and this morning i got a text from him saying "happy valentines day. love you, dad." its the little things. this year i get to officially say that i am celebrating with the valentine that i will have for the rest of my life. hes a hottie too, so i cant complain!

 i noticed on pinterest a while ago some pictures with heart shaped balloons and i just love them! i went back and pinned a few and none of the below pictures are mine, but i had to share them! 

i hope you have a great valentines day, and even if you do not have a special someone to share it with, know that you are loved! although valentines day can seem like a stupid man made holiday to most people, we can still use it as a reminder to love others in our own life.  the ultimate gift of love is from our savior, sending his son for each of us. we were not only given the most amazing gift of love, but also commanded to show that love towards others. and that my friends, is a challenge that i need to take to heart. how do i show love to others each day?


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