monday and laundry. i was really craving chick fil a. i should probably just open a franchise up here in MI, right? my fav fast food for it strange that i took pictures of doing laundry? thats what i'm doing today. i started a job in december that allows me to work from home and i absolutely LOVE that i can run laundry while i am working. now i dont have to wash clothes in my after-work/weekend free time! in other news, over the weekend i went to see safe was so good! it was definitely a little different from the book, but if they went exactly by the book it would have been a really long movie. SO, with that in mind, they did a good job of leaving it original enough with certain things changed for it to make sense as a movie. in all honesty, the movie made it seem a bit more similar to "sleeping with the enemy", a movie that came out a long time ago with sandra bullock. safe haven was better. obviously. we also continued our house hunt this weekend and let me just share a picture of one house that we walked though:
not only does this house look like a castle from the has plenty of "castle style" wood work on the inside. the inside was actually really nice, but i don't think i could ever get over that "curb appeal". I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!


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  1. i wish i could send you a chick fil-a sandwich. guess what a franchise is opening up this thursday and it is exactly 0.5 miles away from me!! wooooo


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