simple weekend

this weekend was pretty laid back, and included a lot of quality time...which i love. kenny and i went to dinner on friday night, went food tasting and suit shopping for our wedding on saturday and did a little bit of house hunting yesterday via open houses and looking in windows of houses that are for sale (don't worry, they are vacant!). although we didn't really do too much, i feel like we got a lot accomplished. and ended our day yesterday with a drink date before the night service at church. i have termed it a drink date, rather than a coffee date because kenny gets tea, and i get coffee, therefore its not technically a coffee date. so that was pretty much my weekend: fun, relaxing, and successful. oh, and we also did play about 20 rounds of ping pong. even though i get my butt kicked every time, i guess i am getting better.

i'm planning to kick off this week with a good start and get a lot accomplished! taking this busy week by the horns!


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