winter bliss

i find myself a few times during the day just looking out the window from my "office". and by office i mean looking out into the backyard since i work from home most days. the snow has just looked like a painted picture. in the top picture, that is the bridge that goes over the stream behind the house, over to a little island that sits on a small lake. you can't really see the lake because it is frozen over and snow covered, but the stream still has life and just has a light ice covering. the bottom picture is sometimes entertainment! the bird feeder is usually packed everyday, not just with the birds above but bright birds too like robins and cardinals and blue jays. it's funny to see the birds drain the feeder in just a couple of hours! i guess not all birds fly south for the winter, huh? and these poor birds also frequently fly into the windows on the house. they must be attracted to the reflection from the snow...? i hope you all are having a lovely week!


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