a warm drink with a song

okay so i had no plans of something to write about today other than my new cup. yea...lame. okay so i got this reusable cup from the bucks the other day for ONE DOLLAR. its just plastic, not double walled or anything so you still need a sleeve sometimes, but i love it! and if you bring it into starbucks, you get a measly 10 cents off, but 10 cents is 10 cents, right? and on top of it all, i guess im contributing to the environment by reusing instead of getting a paper cup every time. okay rant over. the only other thing that i wanted to share was the song that i have on repeat today...

have a great day :)



  1. what a beautiful song....thank you for sharing!

    every time i see those cups at starbucks i think about getting one...it's only a dollar!

    and i love that planner ;)

  2. Sick cup, bro! Seriously...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I'm for it!


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