over the last couple days, i have been truly blessed by people i have met and the things around me. after a long a busy week of work last week, it was friday, the last day of my week. at lunch on friday kenny and i went to a local place, and i noticed a couple at the table next to us, taking a moment to pray and thank God for the meal they were about to have. then, on the way out when we were finished, i saw three other tables that were doing the same. when i got got to my car, i sat there for a minute and just took in what i had seen. i rarely ever see people saying grace before a meal in public places, but on friday i saw 4 different tables. how neat. and seriously, what a blessing and encouragement to me. 

on saturday i went to visit a college roommate, who since i had last seen her, now has one little boy and is pregnant with twins. it was so cool to see how she has matured and stepped into the "mommy" role. and as i caught up with her, i began to admire that faith that she showed in God through her words.

on sunday, when i was hanging my jacket up at church, a random older woman whom i have never met walked up to me and smiled. "you look very pretty today" she said, and the walked away. that was the first time that someone that who wasn't family or a close friend at the church i am currently attending has just walked up and talked to me. and made the rest of my day 10x better.

today, i was at a local mega-church for a leadership conference that they were holding. i work for a local college as a recruiter and we had a table set up. i arrived during the lunch hour, so there were barely any people in the building just walking around. while i was sitting there a woman named vicki walked up and started talking to me about the program we offer online, and she shared with me that she works for the local pregnancy resource center. I, being a health major, pried for more information, asking what exactly they do. we ended up sharing a little bit about ourselves to each other, and she gave me information to connect with someone who may be able to help me in my career field. come to find out, she wasn't even supposed to be at the conference but decided to come anyway, and wasn't able to register to the luncheons, so she decided to just walk around and look at all them empty displays. i was the only one sitting at a table. vicki took time to pray with me and she also said something that stuck out to me: "He can do no good things, when you do not believe". Vicki was a blessing to me today. she reminded me to work with a full heart, even though this is not the career that i am passionate about, that God will open doors when the time is right (His time), and to continually put full trust in him.

if you have made it this far down into the post, thank you for stick around and reading :) i wanted to share what has blessed me in the past couple days because this is a place where i share about myself, and have been encouraged when others share about themselves and when they are going through something.

have a great monday!


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  1. Love this story :) It put everything in perspective, very inspirational and encouraging!


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