currently i am trying to catch up with my life.  after driving to new jersey and back for my sisters wedding and long weekend that FLEW by, i feel like i am not back to reality yet. i'm having a hard time adjusting back into work, getting things done at home, and a normal sleep schedule. it doesnt help that my car has been difficult since we have returned so i have been carpooling/borrowing. maybe its time to make one of my trusty lists and get organized? i think so.

currently my mouth is in pain. i had no idea my coffee was still so hot this morning. i literally burnt the entire inside of my mouth from my first sip. i can never wait long enough to take that first sip...ouch. but hurrah to me for getting used to drinking black coffee, i have eliminated dairy/creamer!

currently my hair is looking a little bit brighter. my hair had been turning this gold/bronzy color, and i was getting pissy about it because highlights don't come cheap. come to find out, my lovely fine and frail hair was getting iron and other minerals deposited on it from the hard water at the house i live at. after a $2.99 treatment, my hair is looking much brighter. and i will now be using shampoo/conditioner that helps protect my hair from those minerals. this city girl is not used to well water.

currently i am a little anxious about the next couple months. don't get me wrong, i am super excited that my wedding is getting closer, and i know that all the plans will come together. but its about to start getting cray cray you guys!

all the girl cousins from my dad's side of the family. excuse the poor quality phone picture!

i hope everyone is have a great week so far!


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