friday's letters.

dear sister, you are married already! i can't believe you are mrs. morales already. and you have been in punta cana for almost a week already living it up and relaxing in warm sunny weather. im not jealous... dear michigan, i have written to you for the past couple fridays, and here we are again. its 48 degrees outside right now, thank you. spring is coming and i cant wait! dear wedding planning, do i have to? cant a wedding planner provide me with free services? i love weddings, and all that is going into mine, but i am in no way a planner. dear future home, we are just waiting for you to show up on the market. please hurry! dear friends and family, i am so thankful for you! i am so grateful to be able to catch up with some of you that i haven't seen for a very long time last weekend, and cant wait until we gather together again in june!




  1. Congratulations to your sister on her big day! I love your lace dress, so pretty!! Great Friday's Letters!

  2. love those dresses and she looks stunning!
    i totally feel ya on the wedding planning business - elopement looks better with every passing month ;)

  3. hooray for a littel bit of warm weather. :) and congrats to your sister!

  4. michigan weather is starting to make me happy again too - spring is coming!


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