friday's letters

dear liberty,  it would have been super cool to see the school i graduated from make it into the ncaa tournament, i was super bummed when you lost by 1 point! dear snow/winter/michigan, do i need to say anything...? im ready for the temperature to start rising. dear fellow michiganders, i am officially one of you now! plates, license, and ready to vote! dear wedding planning, i am organized and ready to take you on! 3 months to go...dear readers, i apologize for not answering any comments lately, i will from now on be replying to comments within 24 hours...and we will see how long that will last. i like a challenge!


i hope everyone had a super week, and i am excited to read other letters today! the picture above is one from my engagement pictures, i will probably frequent those on fridays just as a excuse to share more!



  1. The town we live in and the town we used to live in are pretty much a few miles over the state line from each other and since we've moved (about 4yrs ago) we still have not changed our plates over!! YIKES! But CONGRATS, how exciting, what lovely weather that will be by then! And cute pic, the green is so pretty in it :)


  2. Don't worry - I think all of us bloggers get super busy now and then and comment replies tend to suffer :-) everyone understands that. Congrats on the move! Exciting times!


  3. Are those Steve Madden's Troopa boots?! I have them in brown. Mine feel a little bit big, but I was scared that if I sent them back and got a smaller size those would be too small! Regardless, they're cute!


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