as of yesterday, I am a true michigander. or michigandian. or however you say it. i have a michigan license plate, michigan car title, a temporary paper michigan license, AND im registered to vote. huzzzaaah. and then i get to change everything again in 3 months after i get married...blech. i mean, super exciting that i get to change my name and i am going to be married. but not super exciting that i have to go back to the DMV (or secretary of state, as they call it here in michigan) to change everything again. there were lotsa weird smells in that place. gross. not to mention you get to wait in line forever. its cool though...i'm making some major life changes!


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  1. hooray for being a real michiganian! i've noticed everyone else calls it the DMV instead of secretary of state; so weird! ps. i was in GR last weekend and completely forgot to tell you! bahhh. wish we could've met up! i'll be sure to tell you next time i head over!


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