friday's letters..on monday?

excuse me for scheduling this to post automatically for friday, but not ever exiting the draft page after writing it never posts. thats what i get for leaving my computer abruptly on friday and never returning all weekend :)

dear friday, its been a while since i have participated in this link-up, but its about time to rejoin! dear friends/family/church, i am so blessed by the generosity everyone showed me last weekend! i had both a family and friends bridal shower and a church shower and received so many things from my registry! now i can't wait to open everything up and actually use it! (thanks to erica for the pictures!). dear robin, no, not a person named robin, the bird that has been flying into my window over and over again, all day, for the last couple of weeks. enough is enough. don't you realize that you can't fly through the window by now? i never thought birds were so dumb? dear life, there are a lot of changes happening right now but i accept your challenge! time to take a deep breath and move on to the next thing!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!


two showers, one weekend.

no, im not saying that i only showered twice this weekend. and im not talking about the ridiculous amount of rain that we have been getting here in michigan. side note: with all the rain there has been a serious amount flooding in the area, this makes me even more ready for some sun! so, back to the shower talk...i am talking about bridal showers! on saturday i was thrown a shower by family and friends, and then on monday night, the church i attend threw and shower for kenny and i. it was such a blessing to receive so many gifts, i got a lot of my big registry items! i am so excited to eventually un pack everything and put it away in our future home! i only have two pictures myself, but hopefully ill get some from my future sis-inlaw to share, and make sure to take notice that the ping pong table is full of gifts both on top and underneath...we are so thankful! {sorry the pictures may be a little blurry :)}


weekend kick off

ooh heeeey. its saturday morning, and im not quite sure why im awake already? i dont think i got to sleep until the nice brisk morning hour of 3. am. why did i wake up at 9? i need two more hours...but apparently my body doesnt. and no, i wasnt partying last night, although we did did go out to dinner with some friends and then soaked in their hot tub for an hour or two. hot tub=good investment. if i had one i would totally use it all the time! i think kenny may agree with me on this too. so the real reason i was up until the wee hours of the morning is because my mom flew in last night (cue the confetti and celebration balloons!). so even though her flight was supposed to get in at 10:45, they got delayed for weather in baltimore and didnt end up arriving until 1:45. yea....gross. she told me that there were some really friendly people on her flight, which is great especially since she was at the airport by herself for so long. this weekend has already started with a bang, now to enjoy the rest of it..and open all of my (and kennys..i guess) gifts at my shower today!! breakfast is calling my name...


returned for postage

just when im feelin good about getting those invites out in the mail, and on the way to my wedding guests, BAM i get about 10 of them returned to me. oh, just a case of there being no stamp on the envelopes. oopps. so its wednesday and were about halfway through the work week, which has been a busy one for me. but it is also one day closer until my mom comes into town friday night. first member of my family making a trip to the mitten to visit! even more exciting, she is visiting because i have two bridal showers this weekend! i only have a few specific things planned while she is in town, but i am excited to show her around. hopefully i remember to take a lot of pictures!


delayed snapshots from the weekend.

so..i thought i had scheduled this post to "post" on monday morning. fail. so here it is:

[1] my cousins were in town for the weekend--loved that i was able to watch little julian while they helped their parents move, and that kenny and i were able to go out and spend time with them on saturday night! i am so happy that i will be seeing them more often since they have family that lives in the same city as me!

[2] after dinner with my cousins on saturday night we went bowling...cosmic bowling. SO much fun, especially since my score broke 100 each game! i think that is the best i have ever bowled!

[3] on sunday after church, i went shopping for shoes. not for me, but for my bridesmaids. i put the bridesmaid dress in a bag and carried it around the mall with me all day in search for the perfect shoe. I did find super cute flats for the girls to wear and they all liked them as well. BANG. the sperrys shown above are not the show i chose, HOWEVER i did fall in love with them. i love sperrys, and that the spring weather is finally starting to show itself!

so even though this post is late, it's better late than never, right? hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!


making progress.

well, i officially have my wedding invitations ordered. originally i had this huge idea of finding cute card stock and printing my own. well i found card stock at hobby lobby that was plain white, square, with an embossed design at the top right corner. i promise, super cute. so i was looking online for a design, and while it seemed like i was coming to a dead end with finding something, i was also looking into printing costs. one of my bridesmaids offered to create a design, and i got super excited for that, only to put off finding a place to print.  last week, i realized that maybe i should get those invitations done, since the wedding is less than 3 months away and there are going to be a lot of out of town guests.  if i have not completely bored you by now, to make a long story short, i starting calling places and asking for printing prices and finally found one that was, yes, more on the expensive side because the invites were a square shape but nonetheless my cheapest option. after work, i had decided just to stop by the post office to grab stamps and ask about pricing and the lady told me that my invites will start at 66 cents each, because they are square. no. no. no. i returned that cute white, trouble making square card stock back to hobby lobby that night. i searched online like crazy that night to find something that i liked and that fit in my budget. and that wasn't square. here are some really cute invites i found along the way, but were way out of my price range:

1 2 3 4

after searching i finally found one that i thought was super cute and it was in my price range. i got to change it up a bit, and edit the wording myself which helped with getting the invites ordered and arriving at a quicker pace. is it bad that i am nervous that something will be wrong with them? i can't wait to see them and mail them out to our loved ones! i hope everyone is having a great week so far, i have been pretty busy with work/extra curricular activities as of late but i'm trying my best to keep up with blogging! have a great tuesday :)


stripes on stripes on stripes

you guys, if you know me, you know i love stripes. and you know i love jcrew. im on their website, and their factory website too much. i used to live in the same city their warehouse was in so i was able to frequent warehouse sales, and they had two clearance stores in town. clearances stores meaning that i could get jcrew for forever21 prices. yep. oh, i miss it. so here are some of my striped favorites from the factory site:

[all of the above pictures were taken from the j.crew factory website, and can he found here.]

if i could pic two to buy immediately, it would be the striped hoodie and that last striped tank. LOVE.  i hope everyone is having a great week so far! sorry for the absence :)

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