delayed snapshots from the weekend.

so..i thought i had scheduled this post to "post" on monday morning. fail. so here it is:

[1] my cousins were in town for the weekend--loved that i was able to watch little julian while they helped their parents move, and that kenny and i were able to go out and spend time with them on saturday night! i am so happy that i will be seeing them more often since they have family that lives in the same city as me!

[2] after dinner with my cousins on saturday night we went bowling...cosmic bowling. SO much fun, especially since my score broke 100 each game! i think that is the best i have ever bowled!

[3] on sunday after church, i went shopping for shoes. not for me, but for my bridesmaids. i put the bridesmaid dress in a bag and carried it around the mall with me all day in search for the perfect shoe. I did find super cute flats for the girls to wear and they all liked them as well. BANG. the sperrys shown above are not the show i chose, HOWEVER i did fall in love with them. i love sperrys, and that the spring weather is finally starting to show itself!

so even though this post is late, it's better late than never, right? hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far!


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  1. Those Sperry's are so cute!! I hope you had a fun shower today! :)


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