friday's letters..on monday?

excuse me for scheduling this to post automatically for friday, but not ever exiting the draft page after writing it never posts. thats what i get for leaving my computer abruptly on friday and never returning all weekend :)

dear friday, its been a while since i have participated in this link-up, but its about time to rejoin! dear friends/family/church, i am so blessed by the generosity everyone showed me last weekend! i had both a family and friends bridal shower and a church shower and received so many things from my registry! now i can't wait to open everything up and actually use it! (thanks to erica for the pictures!). dear robin, no, not a person named robin, the bird that has been flying into my window over and over again, all day, for the last couple of weeks. enough is enough. don't you realize that you can't fly through the window by now? i never thought birds were so dumb? dear life, there are a lot of changes happening right now but i accept your challenge! time to take a deep breath and move on to the next thing!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!


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