stripes on stripes on stripes

you guys, if you know me, you know i love stripes. and you know i love jcrew. im on their website, and their factory website too much. i used to live in the same city their warehouse was in so i was able to frequent warehouse sales, and they had two clearance stores in town. clearances stores meaning that i could get jcrew for forever21 prices. yep. oh, i miss it. so here are some of my striped favorites from the factory site:

[all of the above pictures were taken from the j.crew factory website, and can he found here.]

if i could pic two to buy immediately, it would be the striped hoodie and that last striped tank. LOVE.  i hope everyone is having a great week so far! sorry for the absence :)



  1. I love stripes :) great post

  2. I loveeee that dress! Next time you take a trip to Liberty please take me with you so I can check out the town and shop at the factory :) lol

  3. I love me some stripes too, especially the tank top. It's officially been added to my wishlist :)


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