weekend kick off

ooh heeeey. its saturday morning, and im not quite sure why im awake already? i dont think i got to sleep until the nice brisk morning hour of 3. am. why did i wake up at 9? i need two more hours...but apparently my body doesnt. and no, i wasnt partying last night, although we did did go out to dinner with some friends and then soaked in their hot tub for an hour or two. hot tub=good investment. if i had one i would totally use it all the time! i think kenny may agree with me on this too. so the real reason i was up until the wee hours of the morning is because my mom flew in last night (cue the confetti and celebration balloons!). so even though her flight was supposed to get in at 10:45, they got delayed for weather in baltimore and didnt end up arriving until 1:45. yea....gross. she told me that there were some really friendly people on her flight, which is great especially since she was at the airport by herself for so long. this weekend has already started with a bang, now to enjoy the rest of it..and open all of my (and kennys..i guess) gifts at my shower today!! breakfast is calling my name...


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