a day in my life

around 7 am every morning i try to wake up. on weekdays i have a hard time getting up, and on weekends, i seem to wake up right at 7:30...and feel wide awake.

after waking up i shower and get ready for my day.
i do work at home most days, so even though i do my hair and make-up, i usually wear sweats :)
next is breakfast, my oatmeal and coffee staple. just some time alone and and prepare for my day.
right at 9, or a little before, i start work.
around noon i take lunch, usually just something i make at home unless kenny and i have a lunch date.
during lunch is when i usually try to get my blog on, and blog surf my fav. sites.
after lunch i go back to work and finish my day around 5pm.

for dinner, i usually head to kenny's house, unless i already have plans with friends, or we are house hunting.
my night are filled with wedding planning, relaxing with family, and enjoying the nice spring weather!



  1. Sounds like a great day! What do you do from home?

  2. Your day sounds wonderful! I get to work from home a good bit too, and I truly love sitting on our deck this time of year to get my work done! Happy to find your blog!


    - Brooke

  3. I love the pic!! Can't wait for the shows tonight!!!


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