a favorite photo

i have two photos that came to mind today. the first is with some of my very closest friends from high school. we got together over one of our breaks in college and had such a fun time. this is one of my favorite pictures because being around friends and family makes me happy annd i look super happy in this picture (i had nice brown hair at the time, that's me in the yellow and grey striped shirt!).

this next one is just a classic. my older brother and i on halloween when we were younger. i love this picture because i remember this halloween exactly. it was raining and i was worried about my tights and super cute ballerina outfit getting ruined..and the fact that i had to wear a rain jacket OVER my costume. lame. i was also pretty mad about wearing my glasses. which i was mad about pretty much everyday when i was little and had to wear them. what ballerina wears glasses? (or has straight cut flat bangs for that matter?! seriously, bad hair cut.).


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