a look into my day

today's prompt form blogging every day in may is "a moment in my day". so immediately i think of breakfast. oatmeal and black coffee. that is a staple moment in my every day. my time to relax before my work day begins.

yesterday after some more house hunting, kenny and i had dinner downtown rockford and then walked around for a bit because we're fatties and ate so much we had to walk it off it was such a beautiful night out. we stood by the water and just watched a swan dive and swim around. as silly as this sounds, it was pretty fascinating to watch... and it made me think of the swam princess ;)



  1. mmmmm..... I love oatmeal for breakfast. I did a breakfast shot too. I love the early morning before it all gets going.

  2. We have to start every day with porridge, too. Of course washed down with fresh coffee. It looks pretty by the water with the swan.

  3. is your oatmeal homemade? looks delicious.

    gorgeous swan. ( :

  4. Well.. well.. well I don't drink coffee or eat oatmeal, but I'll let you take one for the team.

    we're a team now, by the way.


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