my fear

with today's questions there are a lot of things i am afraid of...spiders, snakes, heights...but what am i really afraid of? my fear is pretty similar to our blogging challenge originator, jenni. i currently live 12 hours away from my family. since i moved away from home to virginia 6 years ago, i have always been a little worried that something may happen, and i'm inconveniently far away so i would need to travel 6 hours to even get to my family in new jersey. now, living in michigan, i live the furthest away that i have ever been. what if something happens to one of my family members? what if i don't get to say goodbye, or something unexpected happens and i haven't even talked to them for a couple days, or weeks? it has really been a challenge to keep in contact with those i love, even when i don't live close. i can't just drive over to my grandparents house and be there in 2 minutes like i used to be. so i am afraid of losing someone i love, and not being able to say goodbye and telling them how much i love them.

i can't believe that i have made it so far in this challenge, and i like the accountability it has given me to sit down and create a post. i think tonight i am just making the cut with posting about 15 minutes before midnight :)


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