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i decided not to link up today for the "post everyday in may challenge". challenge failed i guess. but today's prompt was about my favorite blog posts from the past, and i didn't have just have posts come to mind right away, and wasn't about to skim through my archives. so what better to blog able something that happened last night? great idea, i know! so last night the anderson family (im including myself with them because in only just more than a month i will share that last name!) got together with the raatz family and we had a good ol' make your own pizza night. pizzas that were put together and then grilled. delicious. oh, so delicious. and such a good time with family and friends!

thinking and praying for those who have been affected in the tornadoes. i can't imagine the loss and devastation.



  1. Christie LOVED that you blogged about her today lol she loved the photos!

  2. one of my favorite evenings are when we have friends over and have a make your own pizza night. it is always such a blast, to see what toppings people put on their pizza, how they customize it, always a bunch of laughs!


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