feeling a bit uncomfortable

when i think about what makes me uncomfortable, two things come to mind: talking in front of people, and sweating. and sometimes those two go hand in hand. maybe sharing the sweating thing is a little too much information, but HELLO, i swear i do not just "glisten" like most girls like to say they do. i am terrified that i will be sweaty on my wedding day and it will make me feel uncomfortable that whole time. gross. i also despise talking in front of people...aka any type of public speaking. i get so nervous and my heart races to like a trillion beats per second. i don't like standing up and being the center of attention. talking in front of people makes me shaky, sweaty, super anxious, and feeling like i want to barf. and that's that.

my freshman year of college, i had to take a speech class. i dreaded going to it every day. Our teacher was not even american...which is another story for another day (but seriously, how can you teach speech if you have broken english?). with one of our speeches we had to video tape ourselves and watch and grade ourselves. i couldn't even watch myself, so i completed the assignment by just going by memory. i couldn't even watch myself. i'm not kidding, i loathe public speaking.



  1. I am the same way.. i failed speech class in college cause i hated getting up in front of everyone. I would take an f so i didnt have to get up. Had to retake it and passed with sweat and sutter and red face. lol

  2. Awww, this is cute! I'm like the opposite when it comes to presentations... if I've prepared. But I like the spotlight and usually I'm like: give me some more! (Now, if I haven't prepared, different story. And I tend to get nervous before no matter what, too, but it's more of excitement)!

    As for the wedding stuff: maybe you could get married in the winter? Less chance of sweatage? Hahaha. :)

    Glad I came across your blog!

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  3. P.S. I just read your "About Me" page and I see that you're a Michigander! SMALL WORLD!!! Hiiiiii *waves with mitten on*

  4. Stopping by from the Blog Every Day in May link up and this post cracks me up haha I TOTALLY get all of those. I am the EXACT same way! Can't wait to keep reading :)

  5. I hate it too E but you'll be fine :) The time flies by when you're up there and you'll be looking into your man's eyes the whole time... Not bad right? ;) Plus you've got us girls up there with you... we will see you through!

  6. I get so uncomfortable talking in front of people too! I don't know how others do it!

  7. You are ME!! I am the same way about talking in front of people.. and my gosh, it makes me sweat like a man! I get such anxiety. Public speaking... that class was torture!

    So glad I found your blog through Jenni's link up! Can't wait to read more!


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