friday's letters.

[my mom emailed me this picture today..ahah, no idea where its from!]

dear friday's letters: im back! missed me, didn't ya? dear may: where did you go? tomorrow is the first day of june...WEDDING MONTH! holy moly. dear weather: i know its still a month away and im not getting married outside, but i am starting to pray for a sun shiny day so we can have pictures outside! the weather here has been so back and forth from nice, to muggy, to rainy...hopefully the spring weather trend will be gone by june 29! dear house hunting: so glad were done with the hunt! we have officially started moving in the right direction with our soon to be home, and hopefully closing mid-july. now we'll just need to find somewhere to stay for about 2 1/2 weeks...

have a super duper weekend friends!



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  1. I cant believe its June already ... this year is going past way to fast! Hope youve had a fab week and the house hunting went well :)


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