happiness, in no order.

1. long summer days, the kind when the sun doesn't set til 9:30.
2. the beach, with smell of suntan lotion and salt water.
3. springtime when the flowers are blooming and color sets back into life.
4. getting married in less than 2 months and starting my new life with kenny :)
5. breakfast time in the morning, its my quiet time with coffee, and oatmeal before the day starts.
6. all of my family and close friends will be here soon!
7. thunderstorms, and the peacefulness that seems to follow them.
8. going to dinner and a movie
9. baking
10. taking time for a nice warm bath to relax.



  1. Thunderstorms are the best!!! And beaches!! (minus the salt water here lol)

  2. you can bake me stuff ANYTIME.

    unless it involves semi-sweet chocolate, then I'm out.


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