i am not a picture taker

i love pictures, and i love having them. i love the idea of going places and taking a ton of pictures and then look back on all of my fun memories. but who is the girl who takes her camera along and and forgets to take pictures? me. i invested in a decent camera one black friday a few years ago, and love it! but i have realized that maybe im just not a picture taker. especially when i try to take pictures of myself. so yesterday no my lunch break i went outside to eat a grabbed my camera to search for some flowers-i live in michigan people...we are just started to see flowers up here! so in between the awkward pictures of myself that make me "lol" when i look at them, there are some pretty purple flowers. i dont even know what kind they are, so they might even be weeds! again.."lol". i can't wait to have a house of my own and have flowers, and possibly plant some of my own! I have never had that opportunity to do it myself because I have always rented but both of my parents have green thumbs, so heres to hoping i have one too!



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  1. I do that all the time, I always forget to take pictures. I'm thinking about splurging again on a nice camera though just in case I do remember! I'm loving the peace sign though, you totally rocked it! :)


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