just shake it off

i am clumsy. i trip over myself alot, and have had plenty of embarrassing moments. i'll never forget the time i tripped up the steps...at the movies. so, i was home on one of my first college breaks and i was going to meet a bunch of people i had gone to high school with to see a movie. me and two of my other friends were running just a little bit late, but i was still so excited. i don't even remember what movie it was but when we got there, the previews were about to start, so naturally the theater lights were dimmed, but not completely off (not an excuse, i know). so everyone was in there saving us seats, and the theater was pretty full, and i just frolic across the center isle to the other side toward the steps. those darn steps. as i'm rushing up the steps, there i go falling right up the steps. i fell hard. really hard. and all i heard was a lot of "omg"s and "is she okay?!". all i could do is just laugh at myself and pick myself up to go to my seat. and just to elaborate on how hard i fell...there was a hole in my jeans and a scrape on my knee that drew blood. ugh, how embarrassing!

have a super weekend!


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