just take a breather!

i have been known to always be the "laid back" person to my friends and family. i tend to be pretty organized, and don't like it when i'm late for something or feel like i don't know what is going on. does that mean that i like to always be in control? not necessarily. if i could give once piece of advice, it would be: learn to sit back and smell the roses for a few minutes, and take a breather! this is something that i have learned to do, and i am so happy that i have. i would find myself over thinking things to an extreme, which only creates more drama than necessary and not to mention major stress. if you're ever not sure about something, confused, have to make a big decision or are diving head first into something big and tend to get easily overwhelmed, try making a plan, scheduling, thinking about how you can organize, seek counsel from a friend or family memeber, and pray about it. relieve some tension before it even builds up! don't get caught up in the haps of life and stress out like crazy. sit back, relax, enjoy the little things, and take a breather! :)

happy hump day!



  1. I love this! I tend to be an over-thinker, and so I stress about pointless things that don't even matter in the big scheme of things. Perfect reminder to stop and enjoy the little things rather than stress over them!

  2. love this! my dad and i are the ones in my family that takes things in stride - i think it balances us all out but man, i imagine it would be so stressful to not be able to take some deep breaths :)

  3. I feel like everyone is in the same exact boat as you! Not too sure why but 'sitting back and relaxing' is deff a must! Enjoying the little things in life is truly the best thing you can do :)


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