my lot in life

today's prompt from the blog everyday in may challenge was a little confusing to me at first. in all honesty i had to look up what the phrase "lot in life" meant because i have never heard it before. oh, oops. and after thinking about it for about 10 minutes and not making any progress, i think that i have come to conclusion that i currently am not facing anything difficult in my "lot in life". over the past year i have gone through a lot of changes: getting engaged, moving 12 hours to someplace new, making new friends, finding a new job, finding a house to buy, and planning a wedding. i started over. so if i was asked this question back in september,  i would have that long list of things that i am working to overcome. insecurities of being in a new place, and the frustration of not being able to find a job. but today i can say with complete confidence that i am settled in, and feeling like i fit into this new place and job that i started in december very well.

and even though i went through some big changes in the last year, i love my life, where i have ended up, and who i have become.

[below are pictures from kenny's birthday dinner last night]


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