oh yeah, i blog.

well memorial day weekend got the best of me. 3 day weekend, friends in town visiting, working on wedding details, cleaning, bbqing. although it flew by, it was a weekend well enjoyed.

tonight i was planning to work on some wedding stuff, and i decided to stop and pick up a movie to watch while i worked. have you ever see the movie "the impossible"?? that's what i picked up to watch...and if you ever do watch it, make sure that you have tissues ready. its a story about a family who was vacationing when the 2004 indian ocean tsunami hit. tear jerker!! SUCH a good movie though, i'd buy it.

hope everyone else had a great weekend as well-even though i'm a little late on that one :)


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  1. i haven't dared watch it, and yes.. you do have a blog.. i know because i stalk you so well.


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