the wedding plan struggle fest.

i think i have probably said it before, but from the very beginning, wedding planning has been like a second job that i constantly call out sick from. i'm not a fan. and i know some girls out there have been planning their wedding throughout their whole life and possibly aren't engaged yet, wishing that they could be in my shoes. that was never me, i never had wedding plans. i never knew where i wanted to get married, what type of dress i wanted to have, what colors i would choose, or who would marry me. my gears did not start grinding until i actually got engaged. i'm a pretty organized person, so i was able to knock out a lot of the "big stuff" such as date, venue, dress, photographer, wedding party, bridesmaid dresses, colors, etc., in the first couple months. thanks to the genius of kenny and some close friends, my engagement pictures were done as part of his proposal. a 9 month engagement is a lot of time to figure things out and i pretty much have everything done and a schedule with deadlines for everything else. but it has been a struggle! i'm ready for it to be over, and for that day to be here-9 months has been too long! don't get me wrong, its an exciting time, and i don't have a bad attitude nor am i stressing about anything BUT i'm ready to have a good time and celebrate with family and friends and at this point i do wish that i could sit back and relax until that day comes. i'm over it :)



  1. I think just about every bride gets to this point.. not even caring anymore! I know I did. I was ready for it to be over and to be honeymooning with my babe :) When's your big day?? :) I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. love love that photo!! dont worry you are normal just wanting the planning to be over and just be married already and that day will come soon enough when you dont have to plan anymore and just be married. it is a good idea to take a break from wedding planning every once in a while to just have fun with your fiance, look forward to your future together that is always clouded with rose petals, invitations and seating charts

    1. Can't wait to shoot your wedding Erin! It's so close :)


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