what do i know?

so im a day late, but i decided to link up for blogging every day in may. so today i will be blogging about what i am good at, or what i know a lot about. well...call me out for having a lack of confidence but i am really having a hard time thinking about this. i have always done a wide variety of things in life, but i really can't pin point one that i'm good at or one thing that i know a lot about...except maybe t.v. shows. only joking...i kid. so i will take the take a bit of a spin on this one and let you all know that i am good at being a "laid back" person. yup. i have more patience than a person should, and probably put up with more than i should sometimes. i love just plain relaxing by either reading a book or chillaxing with friends and family. my friends have all observed that while kenny could be running circles around me, i would just sit there and watch like "whatever". being patient has sometimes granted me good listening skills. being patient and laid back is just another reason why kenny and i are a good fit. speaking of kenny and i...we're getting so much closer to making it official!
and let me just give my man credit for this one...that's the actual proposal ^ high fives all around! 59 days till the wedding also means...60 days until our 10 day cozumel trip!! BOOM.



  1. yayyy!!! You have a honeymoon location!!!!! I can't believe how quickly it is approaching :)

  2. How sweet that you have a photo of the proposal! I had a hard time thinking of something for this one, too.

    one sweet tuesday.

  3. I found you through the link-up :) :) My babe & I honeymooned in Cozumel.. amazing.

    So excited to follow you & get to know you :) & love this picture, it's beautiful.


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