what they don't teach you in school...

as you get older, life goes by faster. i remember sitting in school around this time of year thinking about how close i was to summer break. and entire summer off, to do nothing but play. it seriously felt like the the hands on the clock were not moving when i looked to see what time it was. when i went on a mission trip to columbia, we were working at a camp and during the second week there i expressed to one of my leaders that i couldn't believe how fast the weeks were going by while we were there, and he said "girl, the time just keeps flying by faster and faster the older you get". that is the truth. and that is why i always try to take a breather, as i suggested on day 8 of this challenge. as i get closer to my wedding, i keep reminding myself to enjoy this part of my life, because Lord willing, i will never plan my own wedding again :)



  1. precious picture! Taking a breather is always the best and simplest thing you can do!


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