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guess maybe ill make a quick check-in here at the old blog. currently: i have no time to blog. wedding week is upon me, and the final details are all coming together! this will most assuredly be the last time i blog before gettin' hitched and probably until about a week after i get back from cozumel. maybe longer. you see, this week kicks off marriage, vacation, coming home to close on our house, and then moving at the end of july. this year's theme in my life has definitely been "changes"! so, anyway, i want to share some pictures that i have taken the last couple of weeks--and i have only been taking pictures during times that i have been able to relax..such as out on the boat, downtowns fairs, and some church softball here and there. if you would like to keep up with me, click my cyber stalk links to the right or go on and search me on instagram at @erin_e_murphy. but for now...enjoy the pics :)

sweet, sweet summer.


bride probs.

you know what i did today? i tried on my wedding dress. yep. just because i can, and i am getting more and more excited since we are just about hitting the two week mark. in exactly two weeks i would be enjoying (or..running around like crazy doing wedding stuff) my first day of vacation! so i did sort of have a purpose for trying on my dress today: making sure all of my accessories looked perfect with it. and, of course, they do! i am soo glad i went through this little modeling session because i ended up finding out that my veil was ripped. like not fixable ripped. how this happened...i have no idea. i don't think i have even touched my veil since i bought it. it is perfect how things work out because i was already planning on hitting up the bridal shop today to look for another hair piece for the reception, so now ill be looking for another veil! SO glad that i opened it up today, otherwise i'd be veil-less on my wedding day! in other news, i had also bought table runners for the reception-59 cents a piece-and when i got them in the mail they were not the right color. so i quickly bought new ones and have been contemplating on whether or not to return the first batch, or maybe use them for something else as a decoration. so...last night i got a little bride crafty and came up with this:

its a bow/flower puff. im thinking i might make more and put them in the aisle in church? im not quite decided/sure about my feeling for this thing. so im over and out for today, make-up trial tonight and working on wedding organization!

have a happy hump day!


weekend shenanigans.

this past weekend was super fun! starting on friday, i was able to accomplish a ton of wedding stuff. friday night kenny and i went downtown to the festival of arts (pictures above). we watched some performances, ate too much delicious food, and met up with some friends to walk around. saturday we had an activity with our small groups from church-we did the "amazing race". it was a great time and as a great bonus it gave us all a pretty good workout! sunday we went to church, relaxed and went to my (almost) brother in law's soccer game. it was over all a good weekend in the midst of the crazzy wedding month. bare with me people!


Sami's Shenanigans

pictures from the weekend.

this last weekend consisted of watching some movies, visiting with some friends, going out to eat, shopping and catching up! i was even able to get some wedding stuff done in there too! it was a nice relaxing weekend before the rush of the next couple weekends. bear with me in june and july, people. i may be scare with the wedding, honeymoon and closing/moving into our house!

1. the delicious menu.
2. the inside of one of the restaurants we went to.
3. even though it may look like poop (haha!), its just a specialty sausage that is poorly displayed!
4. kahlua and cappuccino cheesecake
5. meg! next time we see each other is wedding week!

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