oh hey

guess maybe ill make a quick check-in here at the old blog. currently: i have no time to blog. wedding week is upon me, and the final details are all coming together! this will most assuredly be the last time i blog before gettin' hitched and probably until about a week after i get back from cozumel. maybe longer. you see, this week kicks off marriage, vacation, coming home to close on our house, and then moving at the end of july. this year's theme in my life has definitely been "changes"! so, anyway, i want to share some pictures that i have taken the last couple of weeks--and i have only been taking pictures during times that i have been able to relax..such as out on the boat, downtowns fairs, and some church softball here and there. if you would like to keep up with me, click my cyber stalk links to the right or go on and search me on instagram at @erin_e_murphy. but for now...enjoy the pics :)

sweet, sweet summer.



i will reply to all comments right here! :)

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