pictures from the weekend.

this last weekend consisted of watching some movies, visiting with some friends, going out to eat, shopping and catching up! i was even able to get some wedding stuff done in there too! it was a nice relaxing weekend before the rush of the next couple weekends. bear with me in june and july, people. i may be scare with the wedding, honeymoon and closing/moving into our house!

1. the delicious menu.
2. the inside of one of the restaurants we went to.
3. even though it may look like poop (haha!), its just a specialty sausage that is poorly displayed!
4. kahlua and cappuccino cheesecake
5. meg! next time we see each other is wedding week!



  1. take me to that cheesecake! yuuummm! wedding week is quickly approaching!

  2. also, I nominated you for the Leibster award! check out my page for the rules...I hope wedding preparation went well!


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