work, vbs, sleep, repeat.

you guys, its been a busy week between work and VBS at church every night. BUT tonight is the last night of VBS. i even got my wedding pictures but have not been able to look through them all yet :( i will most definitely be checking them out tonight!

how do you think my knight in shining armor (minus the shiney armor) is looking? pretty hot...i know.


bachelorette party

someday i will learn to bring a camera along with me when something important is happening. like my bachelorette party. my friend meg took some pictures, thank goodness, but until i see any pictures that any of my friends toke that night, i only have three :) it was such a fun night, starting with dinner and drinks downtown grand rapids, followed by delicious desserts, gifts and LOTS of laughs with all of my closest friends who could make it.

i'll be back with more wedding festivities soon!


i'm a wife.

friends i am back. least checking back in for now. i just really want to leave a picture for you and i will most definitely be back for real, and to share more from our big day. but it's happened; i'm a wife.

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