this past weekend

it seems as though there continual excuses for the scarce amount of blogging taking place on this here blog. this time its simply because i do not have internet where we are living for the interim. but good news is that we finally closed on our house, and we will be moving in this weekend! there is internet in my near future! until then i will ask you all one last time to please bare with me for now! this last weekend kenny and i headed to detriot for a few tigers games. i bought him tickets for the saturday and sunday games over the weekend as a birthday gift back in may, and we decided to make a weekend of it. we left on friday, met up with friends for dinner that night, shopped, went to the games, and shopped some more. it was a super fun weekend, and nice to be on our own, since we haven't been living on our own since we have returned from our honeymoon. now i just can't wait to finally be settled into our house and feel like i'm putting down some roots in my life!

1.chinese before taking off for the weekend.
2. & 3. IKEA!!
4. & 5. kenny and i met up with some friends in ann arbor for dinner and we explored the university of michigan campus. the first picture is from the law school library, and the second is from outside the law school. it was a really cool building!
6. fireworks after the detroit tigers game
7. detroit tigers game
8. buildings in downtown detriot. most builings look like this one: completely run down. it's pretty sad.
9. oh canada! yep, that's canada across the water.
10. the trip wouldn't be complete without a fist bump.



  1. fun weekend!!! nothing like a good ol fist bump :)

  2. it looks like you had an amazing weekend on the east side! i love your pictures, especially of the law library and canada.

    also, i was on ashley slater's blog yesterday reading posts and i didn't realize she had shot your wedding! her photos are absolutely beautiful and i loved your dress. congratulations (albeit very belated) on getting married!

  3. You need to get that move in over and done with because I need to see more pictures like this, and stuff :)


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