wedding break!

dear readers, enjoy the break from all of those darn wedding pictures i keep posting! but seriously...i've been feeling like i needed to add some sort of content on here. wedding pictures will be back next week! dear house, yep, that is our lovely abode pictured above! i know i've mentioned in past posts that we were house hunting, getting out bid on houses, and finally had an offer accepted back in may. during all this wedding madness and after returning from our honeymoon we finally closed on this beaut, and moved in the beginning of august! so...dear house, i'm so excited for some diy and before and after pictures! dear weekend, you are 3 days long this week! hoorah! hopefully we can get some painting accomplished on this extra long weekend!

happy labor day!




  1. Love that house!!! Found you via link up!

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. What a lovely house. I wish you and your hubby the best. I am sure there is much DIY for you to try and for you to post. You will have content for years.

    Have a great weekend,



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