wedding: our amazing wedding party

but seriously...we had an amazing wedding party! including both family and friends of ours, they were fun, loving, understanding, flexible, and most importantly willing to travel! only five of our twelve partiers are local, and the rest traveled 12 hours or more to be there for us! it's funny how now that i am posting our pictures by groups here on the blog that i realize just how many we have! i may be posting more than i need to...but hey, i just love them all! 

come back tomorrow for pictures from our ceremony!

[all photos by ashley slater photography]

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  1. LOVE THEM! I still love going through them all multiple times :) still depressed we didn't get a pic tho, and I think you have to get married again just so we can get one, I know you would be so excited to plan your wedding again ;)


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