wedding: reception details

i love, LOVE, LOVED our venue! we had our reception at The Cheney Place in grand rapids, and it was just what i always envisioned! long story short, before i moved to michigan last september, i was getting super frustrated about finding a venue. a lot of venues that had the look i wanted were waaay out of my price range, and other ones that i would settle for would end up being way out of my price range after all the decoration and extra hidden costs. i'm afraid this long story short will turn right back in to  along one in a minute. but anyway, The Cheney Place was suggested to me by kenny's sister, and i contacted them right away. they had only had one wedding so far, but were making changes and starting to book fast! after they had been willing to answer a lot of questions from not only me, but also my dad, and having kenny go look at it on his lunch break-i booked it. without going to see it in person myself. they didn't even have pictures up online yet, i only had a few pictures emailed to me! but i had faith in this place, and i trusted that it would be perfect for me-i just had the feeling! it had enough detail of its own so that i didn't need to add too much decoration to make it look different. AND its has history! enjoy the pictures, and i added our entrance pictures to the end :) yes, we came down an old elevator for our entrance!


  1. This is a gorgeous venue! I love all your reception details!

  2. Yay, love that you are posting all of these! :)


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