sometimes i stop blogging for a while. it happens occasionally. when it does i do miss writing [or...rambling]. i finished up my wedding pictures, and started the blogtember link up...almost 20 days ago. opps. so, whats been going on? well, we have been painting our trim...which has been a pretty long process. wood trim takes a lot of prepping. so we did a lot of sanding, caulking, nail hole stuff i tell ya...and pretty tedious for us rookies, so it took our free time to complete it. BUT after all the prep, we were able to have the trim painted with a sprayer...rather than paining by hand. and thank goodness for that sprayer. the trim is a nice beautiful white now! i wont tell you how we are now tackling the ceilings, which wont take nearly as long, but they are vaulted in a few rooms...which gets awkward. so after all this painting nonsense gets completed, we will get floors installed...and then we will be done for with interior house work for a while. except for the decorating portion, but i don't really consider that "work". so that has been my life lately. it has been busy, i have barely seen my friends, and the only real outing we made was to the michigan vs. akron game a week ago because someone from our church gave us tickets for a day out!

oh, and i have gotten my hair chopped off! i hope everyone had a good monday!


wedding: reception

well, it is true what they say, the wedding day does go fast. i would say the only part that seemed to take forever, was getting the family together and organized for family pictures. we started our reception with our first dance, which was "Nothing Fancy" by Dave Barnes. After our dance, dinner was served. while we were finishing up dinner, my sister (matron of honor) and rick (best man) gave a shared speech. they told their version of our love story since they both had witnessed how it all began, and also shared how they knew us and about us. then we cut our first piece of cake and shoved it in each others face. i'm pretty sure the entire piece that kenny had in his hand went entirely up one of my nostrils. i had to blow my nose a few times to get all of it out! true story. after cake we did the boquet toss, which ended up being a nice little battle between sisters! [sorry erica! i had to include it :)] and garter toss. lastly, the dancing finally started!

this pretty much concludes my wedding day! i hope you all enjoyed our pictures, now i just need to go get them printed!


3 months vaca

if i had 3 months off of my current life and i could do anything in the world that i wanted to...i would travel. there are so many places in the world that i would love to see. i haven't done very much traveling, but i have a huge desire to just go see what i haven't. i think since i have traveled to columbia and mexico in the past, it was almost like a tease that there is such a different world out there that i should be able to explore! i doubt a trip across the world is possible in 3 months but i would go to as many places as a could-do i have to include time in a plane in this 3 months?
greece [source]
spain [source]
israel [source]
ireland [source]

i could go on and on listing pictures of place that i would like to go...we live in a big world with a lot of beautiful places!


jersey girl

and so it begins, i am going to take on another "blog every day...etc.". that being said, i will still finish up my wedding pictures as double post-in order not to abruptly end sharing those pictures! so the first post for "blogtember" is to explain where you come from and essentially what makes up who you are. i am from, and grew up in new jersey, spent 6 years of my life in virginia for college and life thereafter, and currently have living in michigan for exactly 1 year. i never thought i would stay in new jersey forever, after moving away for college i realized that i could be happy living somewhere else. but i also didn't realize that i would be living in my third state by age 25. so what are some things about where i'm from that contribute to make me, me?

first, i would have to say that the location of my hometown made me grow accustomed to convenience at an early age. i grew up in new jersey, right across the bridge from philadelphia, pennsylvania. so essentially i was in a city suburb. i have multiples of everything within a 10-15 minute range. that includes malls (with every essential store and more!), target, grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations...everything. where i live now...even though i'm not technically in the country, i feel like it! i'm much further from...pretty much everything. its a big change, but a change i can get used to!

i contribute my love for the beach and the ocean to where i grew up. taking family vacation on the eastern cost, only about 40 minutes from my hometown, was still vacation to us when we went to ocean city, new jersey every summer. a week or more of just hanging out on the beach everyday all day is the best.

i started my school career going to public school, and in 9th grade i switched to a private christian school. i would have to say that this made a huge impact on where i am now. not that i was going down the wrong path, but as an 8th grader, it was just getting harder and harder for me, being more of a follower than at leader at the time, to stand up for what i knew was right and wrong in everyday situations, conversation, etc. today i still have great relationships with a few of my close friends from highschool, and i know in confidence that they are not just friends, but brothers and sisters in Christ. if i had not gone to private school, i may have not been so influenced to go away to a Christian college, where my life and relationship with God just grew even more and helped shape me into who i am today.

come back for more blogtember tomorrow!


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