sometimes i stop blogging for a while. it happens occasionally. when it does i do miss writing [or...rambling]. i finished up my wedding pictures, and started the blogtember link up...almost 20 days ago. opps. so, whats been going on? well, we have been painting our trim...which has been a pretty long process. wood trim takes a lot of prepping. so we did a lot of sanding, caulking, nail hole stuff i tell ya...and pretty tedious for us rookies, so it took our free time to complete it. BUT after all the prep, we were able to have the trim painted with a sprayer...rather than paining by hand. and thank goodness for that sprayer. the trim is a nice beautiful white now! i wont tell you how we are now tackling the ceilings, which wont take nearly as long, but they are vaulted in a few rooms...which gets awkward. so after all this painting nonsense gets completed, we will get floors installed...and then we will be done for with interior house work for a while. except for the decorating portion, but i don't really consider that "work". so that has been my life lately. it has been busy, i have barely seen my friends, and the only real outing we made was to the michigan vs. akron game a week ago because someone from our church gave us tickets for a day out!

oh, and i have gotten my hair chopped off! i hope everyone had a good monday!


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