wedding: reception

well, it is true what they say, the wedding day does go fast. i would say the only part that seemed to take forever, was getting the family together and organized for family pictures. we started our reception with our first dance, which was "Nothing Fancy" by Dave Barnes. After our dance, dinner was served. while we were finishing up dinner, my sister (matron of honor) and rick (best man) gave a shared speech. they told their version of our love story since they both had witnessed how it all began, and also shared how they knew us and about us. then we cut our first piece of cake and shoved it in each others face. i'm pretty sure the entire piece that kenny had in his hand went entirely up one of my nostrils. i had to blow my nose a few times to get all of it out! true story. after cake we did the boquet toss, which ended up being a nice little battle between sisters! [sorry erica! i had to include it :)] and garter toss. lastly, the dancing finally started!

this pretty much concludes my wedding day! i hope you all enjoyed our pictures, now i just need to go get them printed!



  1. LOL im not mad, I have realized I will re-live this moment probably forever! lol LOVE THE PICS STILL!


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