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as i type, floors are being installed in our house. i really don't think i can type our how excited i am about having floors!! some of my extended family was in town over the weekend, so on saturday we headed downtown for a HUGE art fair called ArtPrize, that they have in grand rapids every fall. kenny and i had already gone downtown once to check it out, but there really is so much to look at, so i was not opposed to going to take a second look! i love walking around downtown and exploring what is still sort of a new city to me. i didn't take too many pictures but  have a couple to share (above)! the first is a picture of what we termed "live art". it may actually be the real term, or in other words just a street performer. they were all over the place! the second picture is hard to make out, but its a huge dragon made of what i would call "junk yard materials" but it was super cool because it was fire breathing! can't beat a fire breathing dragon! i'm not sure if i'll be back before the weekend, but hopefully ill have a photo dump next week of house updates AND our weekend up north!


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