october updates

here we are, days into october already. as i have been catching up in the blogging world, i have noticed a common theme on october first; "how is it october already?". october brings a number of things to me, including: a house painted, new floors, finally moving into our master bedroom, the start of a break in house updates, 4 months of marriage (seriously?!), a weekend away with friends, and of course the explosion of all things pumpkin!

we have a tri-level house, so that means at the front door we walk into the main floor with a living area, kitchen, and dining area. there is a stair case that takes you either upstairs or downstairs. upstairs there is a master bedroom, second bedroom, and full bathroom. downstairs there is a family room, third bedroom and second full bathroom. we also have a basement. Our house was built in the 90's, and everything is original (why, why, why would you pick salmon colored counter tops?), except the carpet downstairs which is still in good condition. that being said, the bones of this house are in great shape, and we only need to update cosmetic features. since it is only kenny and i, we decided to just go ahead and live downstairs and pile all of our stuff in the basement and family room so that we could paint and replace the floors on the main floor and upstairs. we are finally almost done painting! once the paint is done (the plan is by friday, which is tomorrow) we will get the new floors installed! i cannot wait! it will be so nice to be able to live in the whole house! i plan on saving as much money as i can with decorating, so that will just be done little by little (and when i find good deals!).

so, after we ripped out the carpet, this is what our house has looked like before any painting happened:

 (the dark wood on the floor under the counter in the picture above will be our new floors!!)

 annd last but not least: where we have been living since august in the picture below (our couches have been great fill in closets! ha!):

i cant wait to give the update pictures in about a week! but what i really can't wait for is to move out of the downstairs finally!

have a great thursday :)


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