.birthday month.

november is my birthday month! this year i turn 26, so i am more than halfway through my twenties. it also begins the 6 month (almost exactly to the day!) period when kenny and i are not the same age...because i am older. i'm not a huge gift person. yes, i like receiving gifts, mostly when they are things that i am in need of, but i usually add i few "wants" when i'm asked for a list. on the other side, i am awful at giving gifts. i stressed out over what to give people mostly when i have to be creative about it. i lack gift creativity, its rough. just give me a list, and i'll be fine!! anyway...today i thought i would share some things that are on my birthday wish list this year.

 bareminerals...i can always use more foundation! and new brushes are on the list as well. (here)
 i use my clarisonic just about every night, and replacement brushes are always a good gift! (here)
I love these shoes! these minnetonka boat mocs are like the inbetween of moccasins and sperrys! (here)
i love getting magazines in the mail, real simple is my favorite! (here)

 gift cards are no doubt always a good gift. this year i want gift cards to go towards house decor, such a curtains, lamps, pillows, wall decor, etc. we are currently pretty barren in this house! tjmaxx, marshalls, home goods, target and starbucks (brain fuel!) are all stores i love to shop at for the home.

happy wednesday, i hope your part of the world is a little more sunny than mine!


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  1. i love the clarisonic too, but i don't use it every night. my face would freak out from over exfoliation! they just had a deal on groupon for the heads so i snagged those for myself!


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