our house in progress...

 a few weeks ago i shared some pictures of our house (view here), pretty naked with the carpet ripped up and no furniture. tonight i am finally posting an update with some progress that we have made! So basically we have the oak trim painted white, walls painted, and new floors (the coloring in the pictures below is definitely off so you can't really see the wall colors good, but it gives enough of the main concept!). we have also added our furniture and have been super blessed by friends who have given up furniture as well! its nice to be living in the whole house now and having space for guests. we are still waiting for our bedroom and closet doors to be painted, but there isn't too much of a rush because it is only kenny and i living here. decorating will be a long work in progress, but it will most likely go one room at a time. i am not a very crafty person so decorating is intimidating! the next updates that make it here will probably as i go room from room, and not for a while. i am so thankful that God provided this house for us, and even though finding a house became stressful, when we found this house we knew it was worth the wait!


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