friday, friday

my friday morning was full of cuddles with toby, coffee, and just some needed me time. what i really need to do is teach the tobster how to take better selfies. we sat and watched out the window as people struggled to drive by on our ice covered road. and before i started working, organized the remainder of our gifts upstairs that have yet to be wrapped. can you guess what is on my agenda for tonight? i'm glad to be finished with chirstmas shopping so that i can avoid the hustle and craaazies out on the roads and in the stores in this not so great weather. now i can relax, finish wrapping, and do some things around the house over the weekend!  after today, only one more workday stands inbetween me and a break with friends coming in town! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and is able to relax just a little bit :)



  1. this sounds like a great friday to me!!!!!!

  2. I hope you had an amazing weekend! Sometimes all we need is a little "me" time :)


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