midweek bliss

i am SO glad that its wednesday and the beginning of my week is over. i never really like to rush through my days and life and i have been reminded over the years to have a huge appreciation of each day that i have been given, because it can certainly be taken away. but the beginning of this week has been a little rough around the edges, so i am just glad that things are going to start slowing down for the rest of the week! when your monday night consists of a venti specialty drink from starbucks, you know that you need some chill time. side note: if you live where starbucks is trialing the chestnut praline latte-try it! it is so delish! I can't wait to get a christmas tree, and decorate it! i stocked up on some ornaments last year after christmas at targets 75% off sale, aka possibly blow your paycheck sale. who am i kidding, target is always possibly blowing someones paycheck! the ornaments i bought last year and the ornaments that i have collected over the years from my family are really the only christmas decorations that i have, so i haven't done any decorating yet!

to finish off my wednesday night, i'll be watching the SNL christmas special, sipping on a cup of tea, and listening to kenny and his bff play ping pong in the basement, yelling in competition as men do :)

happy wednesday!


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