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i hope everyone is having a wonderful week :) today is the first day all week that it hasn't been snowing outside. i have never lived anywhere that it has snowed that many consecutive days in a row, so it is something to get used to. but hey, if i don't have to go out and drive in it then i'm not complaining, and it sure does look pretty!  i have had a pretty full week again, but much less stressful than last week! over last weekend we went and searched for the perfect tree. growing up we always went to the local home depot to buy a christmas tree, it was still a family event and i remember having so much fun going to pick it out with everyone! here in michigan, we live in more of the "country" and it seems much more common for families to go to a tree farm, pick out a tree and then cut it down and take it home. to save some cash we didn't do that this year, but i can't wait until one day when we have a family and are able to go cut a tree down with our kids! we found the perfect tree at lowes this year, and i just love how it looks in the corner of our living room! we're off to a christmas party tonight, and i'll be sharing a cookie recipe on monday, so make sure you come back!


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